Ensuring Website Accessibility for All

Our daily lives revolve around being connected online.  imagine what it’s like for millions of people who suffer from disabilities to find that your online store and website are inaccessible.

Web Accessibility Computer Key

What We do?

We specialize in helping businesses access 55 million potential new customers.


By helping 55 million+ American consumers have easy access to the information on your website, including individuals who are visually and hearing impaired.

Why Should You Care?

  • It’s the law according to both the ADA and the US Supreme court plus similar laws around the world.
  • It’s the socially responsible and inclusive thing to do.
  • It opens up your business to tens of millions more potential customers.
  • It protects your business from litigation based on civil rights laws.
  • it ensures that people with disabilities have the same opportunities to benefit from your website that everyone else has.
  • Having an Accessible Website can impact your Bottom Line

Benefits Of Our Solution

My name is Sheldon Lewis and I’m a visually impaired person and I can explain what accessibility is and what non-compliance looks, sounds, and feels like for millions of individuals in similar situations to me. I don’t have to imagine accessibility, I already know first hand what it’s like not to have access to digital content.

Sheldon Lewis Accessibility Expert

Having a visual disability myself, I understand the obstacles and frustrations those with disabilities face. Providing full access to the Internet for everyone to give equal access to buy products, apply for a job, pay their utility bills, take an online course and any other functionality that most people take for granted is truly fulfilling. Of course, helping our business owner clients reach their full market to include those with disabilities and ensure they are in compliance with the ADA laws is our top priority.
I’m sure you have more questions about website accessibility and what it means!
It would be good for us to have a call to explore the risks of not having an ADA compliant website and the rewards of having one. I’m ready to answer any of your questions.

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The bottom line is there are many benefits to your business when you make your website accessible to those with disabilities and accessiBe through & Access You Can is the best solution to help you do it.

Why accessiBe is the best website accessibility solution for your business.

accessiBe is the first and only automatic, AI Powered (machine learning) web accessibility solution that complies with worldwide legislation and keeps websites compliant 24/7.

How the technology behind accessiBe works.

Automatic. Simple. Affordable. Trusted by and protecting thousands of small businesses and industry leaders every single day.

· Starts at $490 annually with 7-day trial no credit card required
· Takes up to 48 hours from initial installation to compliance
· Accessibility statement and certification of performance

With accessiBe, individuals like myself will not be denied access to digital content ever again.

With current regulations; WCAG 2.1AA, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, the Accessible Canada Act, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the EN 301549, for less than 500 dollars and receive your certificate of compliance within 48 hours.

We think you will agree, website accessibility just couldn’t be easier!

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