The case for Website Accessibility and the Key Benefits of the Access You Can solution

The reasons why web accessibility should be a priority for every business today are clear. With online businesses representing more and more of the total U.S. and World markets, organizations are taking a big risk in leaving this market sector behind if their digital commerce is inaccessible to almost 20% of the population from the special needs groups. It is apparent that the impact and the benefits of web accessibility are far greater than you may have known.

Succeeding in a competitive online environment is all about getting an edge. The Access You Can solution presents your content as socially responsible without restrictions on content design differentiating you from your competitors, so you have a chance to stand out in the noise. There are no limits to your website’s design any more with the Access You Can solution.

Key Benefits of the Access You Can solution:

1: Increase Your Audience Reach
The purchasing power of people with disabilities is estimated at more than $500 million annually which means by building an accessible website using the Access You Can solution, you can reach out to a new 65 million in North America alone and over 1.2 billion people worldwide. A disabled person can, in less than a minute, completely adapt our interface on their screen to your website. It allows your site to be available to a wider range of people.

2: Save time and money
When a business is asking for a solution to a problem they are concerned about the time aspect of their investment. They want to know how much time they will have to spend implementing the Access You Can solution and how much time each week going forward etc. Our software saves executive management time and costly website remediation or new website creation. So to talk about 15 minutes to install instead of finding a web developer or consultant who knows about accessibility, then figuring out what updates to your website to include while making it accessible and then when changes are made what happens going forward is a huge savings when you adopt the Access You Can solution for your company.

3:Improve your SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
Creating an accessible website through our solution does more than make your site more usable, Accessibility enables your site to be found by improving SEO automatically. Enhancing the functionality and usability of your site improves and helps Google crawl your site better, which typically results in your site being awarded higher organic search rankings.

4: Peace of mind after receiving the certificate of compliance
Access You Can was planned, designed and developed in collaboration with people who suffer from various disabilities: blindness, epilepsy, cognitive dysfunctions, and more. It fulfills all the requirements of ADA so there is no chance of getting sued as it only takes up to 48 hours from initial installation to compliance according to the ADA and other World standards. Peace of mind after receiving the certificate of compliance to address social responsibility and avoid lawsuits is a big benefit to Website Accessibility.

5:Competitive Edge
People across the world increasingly rely on technology to get their jobs done. If someone has a disability, this can be a challenge. You can present your website as a caring site about the social environment, including people with disabilities, building a powerful message in the process. Customers want to know that the way they interact with your company is important to you. By providing an accessible website you can give tough competition to other brand’s websites.

As we’ve discussed in this article, the benefits of web accessibility include expanding your customer base, polishing your brand image, increasing your search engine rankings, and making general improvements to usability. Low investment cost for website accessibility makes the Access You Can solution an industry winner. No more consultants’ fees to figure out how to make your web site compliant with Access You Can on the job.
You can change your website’s contents at any time and within 48 hours be fully compliant again without concern for the modifications being made and the costs to remediate them. No more special adjustments to accommodate Accessibility when you use the Access You Can AI solution.

All of these are major advantages for your organization — so how do you get started & What can you do to protect your business?

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