A Dream sales story, the customer was ready to buy when he called and I just had to close.

A recounting of a perfect dream sales story and conversation.
Hello all,

This kind of story does not happen often, and I wanted to share it with you. I have been working on a direct email campaign to find lawyers with customers who could make good use of my kind of Website Accessibility AI-driven software solution. As we all know, lawyers are usually in sync with what their clients need to know in business to stay out of trouble and hence, I was directing my campaign to them so they could help their clients avoid ADA Website Accessibility lawsuits. Please understand that as an entrepreneur myself, I am confident that the value of my solution is very high for any business- person or company. But, of course, everyone thinks that right? So, read the story and judge for yourself.

One of my letters landed on the desk of a lawyer whose client or customer had recently gotten sued. The lawyer told me she was so happy to meet me and gave me the name of the client in an email, and within 15 minutes of that email, the customer called me

Customer call conversation.
“Hello Fred, how are you today?”

“I sure am great Fred says much better since I am speaking to you,” Fred replies. “Can you please tell me what do I have to do to get my website to be compliant with the ADA Act?”

“It’s simple,” I say to Fred, “Our solution which is AI-Driven software will ensure that your site is compliant within 48 hours.”,

Fred’s surprised and replies“Wow, that fast, that’s amazing.” He then asks how it works and I explain to him “Well firstly you do not have to change your current website.”

“, Okay good he says, that is great because it will save me so much time”. I tell him that the software creates an interface that my screen reader will use to read his website. A screen reader is an interactive tool I use as a blind person to navigate the website and the software reads everything to me. I go on to say that websites are not programmed to interact with screen readers and that is where the problem starts and ends. Access You Can provides a solution that creates an interface that only the interactive tools know is there, so all other users continue to have the same regular experience you would want them to have on your site while allowing people with special needs or requirements to interact with your site.

Fred is impressed. He says “That’s awesome, how much does it cost?” and I inform him, “Well if your website has less than 1000 pages, the cost will be 490 USD per year.”

“Fred replies, “Well that’s just great as everyone else I spoke to wanted anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars and it would take so long.” He admits that he had been sued and he had to settle with the lawyer and then he had to take his website down and had been looking for a solution ever since then. Intrigued, I ask, “Really, how much did you settle for?” and he admits, “$ 3,000 and I still have to fix my site but I have heard about other people who settled for anywhere from 5,000 to 40,000 dollars!”.

Fred enquires, “Okay, how do I get started with your solution and will I be able to fight off any future lawsuits?”
“. First, you go to our website and sign up for the Free 7- day Trial and within 48 hours, your website will be compliant, and you will receive your certificate of compliance.”

I inform him that the certificate of compliance was used in approximately 1000 demand letter cases and with the certificate the demand had been struck down. “Wow, he says, that’s great and the site will be compliant in 48 hours after installing it, that’s incredible, Everyone else told me it would take a few months.” Then Fred asks me, how much time he will have to put into the site after he makes any changes to it, adding,” you know I have a Shopify store and I change it often.”

I say, “The thing is Fred, that is the best part of our software; it scans your site every 24 hours and works on remediating any changes you have made within 48 hours.”

Fred cannot believe it. He exclaims, “You mean I will never have anything to do with website accessibility again, that I can just make any changes I want and whenever I would like to and I do not have to call my web developer? I say, “Yes Fred, that is correct”, and he says “Okay, how do I sign up?!”.

Fred told me that with the Access You Can solution, he felt confident that he could get his site back up and running again.

That afternoon, Fred went to our website www.accessyoucan.com and signed up for his 7-day free trial but required some help with the installation as he is not a technician, and so I found him a Shopify expert who spent 15 minutes installing the one line Java script on Fred’‘s site and within 3 days, his website was back up making him money and satisfying customers again.