“Crip Camp” a movie to watch

This most Inspiring movie “Crip Camp” portrays how the ADA Act ( American with Disabilities Act) movement got started and struggled to arrive at congresses’ door, no simple feat. Meet the remarkable people and their actions behind the movement. It is really done with moments of tears, fears overcome, cheers and success, and a view to a part of society’s struggles that are not always seen or understood.

30 years after the ADA Act was passed by the United States government there are still struggles for the disabled community but we have much to be thankful for. As a visually impaired person, I watched the movie with a sense of awe and inspiration. The disabled community won the rights for standards, diversity, and inclusion in the ADA Act. I can see the benefits of the right to be treated with respect and compassion every day of my life. I am so grateful for their success. The movie reminds us of a time past when things we take for granted today were just not available and how much harder things were without the changes.

My biggest take away from the movie, that what seems too big to overcome or too expensive is not true when you look back at the progress and see how the changes helped so many.

Don’t be afraid, watch the movie and feel the spirit, I think you will like your feelings.
Special needs people did not have too much help until the ADA Act was passed. Since then, look at the changes that we have accepted into our communities, work, and public places paving the way for change, disabled people to recognize their abilities and find the confidence to join the rest of society as contributors, an amazing feat.

I could not imagine the world without the benefits of that act and other similar ones worldwide. As you watch the documentary which includes plenty of original clips you feel their struggle, motivation, and success. I think that this movie is a good guide for today’s societies and portrays a feeling of how to bring about change thus making it, in my opinion, a very powerful and timely movie for everyone to watch.

Benefits of the ADA Act. Cities around the USA are currently repairing their sidewalks so wheelchairs can go on and off independently. New buildings are of course built up to code with great accessibility features but cities have many older buildings that cannot be easily upgraded making the Act slow to roll out. Recently, some children’s parks are being converted to Accessible parks, hurray as well as other government facilities!!!

The ADA and other such acts are not perfected yet. For example, website accessibility was not mentioned in the act and the courts are currently adjudicating lawsuits brought against companies whose websites are not accessible. At the same time, the Act nor the DOJ have proposed guidelines to follow and there is no enforcement other than lawsuits to force companies and governments into some sort of compliance. Taking corrective steps to remedy inequities is not easy to get on board with, but if we could it would help so many.

How to get people to the table to enact change seems to be very difficult and remains a worthwhile challenge for our future.
To summarize, the movie “Crip Camp” is worth watching. Many families will relate to the movie as we all know someone who is disabled. Most people want independence for themselves and thankfully legal rights enable societies to grant benefits by helping the people they were meant to serve.

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